Another gift…a cushion this time

One of the blogs that I regularly read is Coco Rose Diaries – such beautiful pictures, gorgeous crochet and I was particularly inspired by one of posts that had the loveliest blanket. The pattern is taken from another blog, Mille Makes.
A throw was a bit daunting and I didn’t have the patience to make quite so many squares, so I went for a more manageable cushion cover. I searched the web for suitable yarns and colours (I can’t give exact details as my record keeping is very slack (something to improve on for the future)) but I got the majority from Deramores.

For the reverse I just made a regular granny square (was that a bit lazy?).

A good friend of mine was moving house, so I wrapped it up and gave it to her. It fits beautifully with her colour scheme. I am currently making a second cushion with the remaining yarn. Now, when I say ‘currently’, what I actually mean is ‘I have done a few squares and stuffed it all in a bag while I start but not finish a gazillion other projects’. I think that I will create a few posts detailing my WIP’s – that will give me a fair bit of blog material to be getting on with!


About clarehc

A forty something mother of two girls and a wife to one man, who enjoys a bit of crafty action :o)
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One Response to Another gift…a cushion this time

  1. Lovely cushion – and I think the granny square is a great way to do the back too! =D

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